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2017 NOBC Elections and Proxy Information

On Friday, August 11, 2017 during the business meeting of the NOBC Conference in New York, NY, the NOBC will hold the annual election for Officers (President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary), one Director-at-Large (2017-19,) and the ABA Delegate position. The Nominating Committee has submitted the names of candidates whose biographies and nomination statements have been posted to the NOBC website. Those candidates’ biographies and nomination statements are also included with this Notice. Pursuant to Article VII, Section 4 (c) of the By-Laws, names of candidates for office whose names have not been reported as candidates by the Nominating Committee may still be placed in nomination at the Annual Meeting. Further, if you are a NOBC member, who is registered for and in attendance at the meeting, yet you are unable to be present during the election, Article V, Section 7 of the By-Laws provides for proxy voting. For more information about the election or proxy voting, click here.

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