Ad Hoc Committees

Pursuant to Article XII, Section 1, of the Bylaws of the National Organization of Bar Counsel, Inc., the President has the power to appoint any Committee that the President believes may be necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the organization. The President fills all Committee vacancies. The following Ad Hoc Committee exists:


Anti-Money Laundering Committee
Jenny Mittelman (GA), Chair
Steven Moawad (CA)
Wendy Muchman (IL)
Shannel Schuyler (FL)
Patricia Schwartz (DE)
Billy Walker (UT)

Lawyer Wellness
Katie Uston (VA), Chair
Christine P. Anderson (IL)
Tara M. van Brederode (IA)
Dahlia George (VA)
Michael Kennedy (VT)
Erin Kristofco (CO)
Penny R. Moylan (KS)
Melissa Selman Scott (MS)
Wolanda Shelton (GA)
William Slease (NM)
Melissa Smart (IL)

Policy Advisory Committee

Douglas J. Ende (WA), Chair 
Charles Centinaro (NJ) 
Amber Bevacqua-Lynott (OR)

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