NOBC President's Award

President's Award Recipients
2018Tracy L. Kepler, The American Bar Association's Center for Professional Responsibility
2017James C. Coyle, Colorado Supreme Court
2016David D. Curtin, Supreme Court of Rhode Island
2015 Dawn Miller Evans, The Oregon State Bar
2014 Robert A. Hawley, Deputy Executive Director of the State Bar of California
2013 John S. Gleason, Regulation Counsel for the Colorado Supreme Court
2012 James Grogan, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
2011 A. Root Edmonson, North Carolina State Bar
2010 Don Lundberg, Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission
2009 Paul J. Burgoyne, Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
2008 Mel Hirshman, Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland
2007 Tony Boggs, The Florida State Bar
2006 Jerry Larkin, Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Counsel
2005 Virginia Ferrara, Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of New Mexico
2004 Fran Bassios, State Bar of California
2003 Bill Smith, State Bar of Georgia
2002 Gene Shipp, District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel
2001 John Howe, Missouri Supreme Court Office of Bar Counsel

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