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  • November 20, 2018 11:21 AM | Deleted user

    Dear NOBC Colleagues:

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that John Berry will receive the 2019 NOBC President’s Award. The award will be presented at the NOBC Midyear Meeting President’s Reception on January 23, 2019, and I hope many of you will be in attendance to share in this celebration of John.

    While many of us know John well, others may not know all about John’s distinguished career and service to NOBC which have been extraordinary! In addition to being our NOBC Delegate to the ABA since 1989, John was also President of our organization and a long-standing member of our Board of Directors. John’s activities with NOBC include: working with the ABA as NOBC President in 1989 to obtain NOBC’s Affiliate status with the ABA House of Delegates; chairing the NOBC Committee producing the Law School Professionalism Initiative Report in 2009; acting as liaison to the ABA Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions; and co-chairing the Alternative Business Structures Sub-Committee of the NOBC International Committee in 2014.  

    John has also served in many roles in service with the ABA including, among other roles, as a member of the McKay Commission rom 1989-1992, chairing the Professionalism Committee from 2003-2006, serving as a member of the Policy Implementation Committee in 1994-1996 and 2002-2012, serving as a member of the Professional Discipline Committee in 1996, and as a member of the Standing Committee on Trade in Legal Services in 2017-18.

    John’s professional career is also remarkable. John started his career as an Assistant State’s Attorney in the white-collar crime division in Orlando, Florida. He then moved into the attorney regulation world from 1983-1998, and again from 2006 - present, where John really found his professional calling as the Legal Division Director of The Florida Bar. In the interim, John was Assistant Executive Director of The Arizona Bar and Executive Director of The Michigan Bar. He has also served as an adjunct professor for the Handong International Collage of Law in Pohang, South Korea and as the Director of Professionalism Programs for the Frederick G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. He is also the recipient of the ABA Michael Franck Professional Responsibility Award. 

    Congratulations, John! Thank you for your service to NOBC and the profession.

    Melinda Bentley
    NOBC President 2018-19

  • June 15, 2018 9:24 AM | Deleted user

    AUGUST 3, 2018 – CHICAGO, IL

    On Friday, August 3rd, 2018 beginning at approximately 8:30 AM Central Daylight Saving Time, during the business meeting of the NOBC Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, the NOBC will hold the annual election for Officers (President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary), and one Director-at-Large (2018-20). The Nominating Committee has submitted the names of candidates whose biographies and nomination statements are posted to the NOBC website. 

    Click here for more information

  • May 01, 2018 9:11 AM | Anonymous

    It is with great pleasure that I announce that Tracy A. Kepler will be the recipient of the 2018 NOBC President’s Award.

    As we have all seen throughout the many years that Tracy has dedicated her time and considerable talents to NOBC, Tracy has been a tireless advocate for NOBC, our mission, and our primary goal of assisting our Members.  Tracy has also been at the forefront of ensuring that NOBC keeps up with the myriad changes facing the legal profession in general and regulation in particular.  Now, as Director of the Center for Professional Responsibility, Tracy is continuing her hard work on behalf of all of us, faced with considerable challenges that Tracy, in her typical way, is confronting with determination and incredible optimism.

    Tracy’s accomplishments and accolades are far too numerous to list here.  Suffice it to say that Tracy embodies the spirit that underlies the NOBC President’s Award. 

    Please join me in congratulating Tracy, who will be accepting the award in Chicago in August, 2018.  

    Kathleen M. Uston
    President, NOBC

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